Science of Hearing Wellness

Dr. Michael Santucci, the founder and president of Sensaphonics, Inc., recently penned a concise and thoughtful review for which discussed the science of sound, hearing, and hearing wellness for the musical community. The entire article is clear and expertly laid out, but I want to bring special attention to the last line of the article:

"There’s no reason a career in music or pro audio should cost you your hearing. We have the technology and techniques to help you keep your hearing while still enjoying the music you love!"

Hearing Damage is Not Inevitable

I hear all too often the sentiment that a loss of hearing or tinnitus is a 'badge of honor', or in some way a foregone conclusion if one leads the life of a musical professional. This couldn't be further from the truth, but we often confuse anecdotal patterns - countless reports of rockstars' careers being cut short citing auditory problems - with actual causal relationships. Dr. Santucci put it succinctly with the above except and in this article: the technology, and almost more importantly the techniques and mindset/behavior changes, are available to keep your music going for your whole life time.

Many thanks to Dr. Santucci for his words and to for their commitment to sharing important information on Hearing Wellness to their readers.

Link: The Science Of Hearing Wellness: The Doctor Is In