National Hearing Conservation Association position

Director of Communications of the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA)

Frank Wartinger, Au.D., was elected to serve as the Director of Communications for the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA), and began his 2 year term at the 2017 annual conference in beautiful San Antonio.

The mission of the NHCA is to prevent hearing loss due to noise and other environmental factors in all sectors of society.

Formed by Audiologists and Otolaryngologists concerned with the serious problem of noise-induced hearing impairment, the NHCA now represents engineers, industrial hygenists, safety professionals, nurses and others with interest in preventing hearing damage from occupational exposure to noise.

National Hearing Conservation Association Executive Council as Director of Communications at the 2017 annual conference in beautiful San Antonio

What Does This Mean For Earmark and Philadelphia's Musician's Clinic?

Good things, for sure. Frank Wartinger is excited to join the NHCA Executive Council in order to gain further expertise to better serve Philadelphia's vibrant music community. He is joining many illustrious hearing conservationists on the Executive Council. As Director of Communications, Frank will be tasked with the dissemination of the most current and relevant information pertaining to the NHCA and the field of Hearing Conservation.