A Music-Lover's Guide to Tinnitus

Frank Wartinger contributed insight and clinically-based commentary to a powerful article written by Angus Finlayson (@angusWFinlayson) for the electronic music publication Resident Advisor. The feature of the article is the powerful accounts of two musician's with tinnitus and how the auditory condition has shaped their lives and...

Tinnitus and DJing

Ean Golden, the man behind the site DJTechTools.com, laid out a personal and practical account of tinnitus and, in a larger sense, what it means to have your career path altered by auditory damage...

"Stop touring immediately or risk total hearing loss”

Doctors advised AC/DC singer Brian Johnson to "stop touring immediately or risk total hearing loss." http://consequenceofsound.net/2016/03/acdc-frontman-brian-johnson-ordered-to-stop-touring-immediately-or-risk-total-hearing-loss/

I hope there is more to this story, for Brian Johnson's sake. Not only is AC/DC known as one of the loudest bands of all time (http://tinyurl.com/jhyfgx9), Mr. Johnson has cited race car driving as a cause for hearing damage in past interviews. Whatever may be the exact cause, musicians like Brian Johnson rely on their hearing to deliver their performances, night after night. It is a real tragedy when a performer can no longer continue due to hearing problems.