Custom Earplug Fitting Guide

Congratulations on getting your custom earplugs! If this is your first pair, then with full risk of sounding overly cheesy I'm sincerely excited for you! This is a solid step in the direction of respecting your ears and hearing, and ultimately protecting the longevity of your music career and your enjoyment of sounds in general. If you're a custom hearing protection veteran, then fear not - there is still some information in this page that you should find useful. OK, cheese over, now down to brass tacks.

And Nothing Says Brass Tacks Like "Warranty"

Your  RIGHT  earplug is marked with a  RED  dot and the  LEFT  with a  BLUE  dot.  If you forget  R ed =  R ight, just think about a political map... no wait... don't do that.

Your RIGHT earplug is marked with a RED dot and the LEFT with a BLUE dot.

If you forget Red = Right, just think about a political map... no wait... don't do that.

When you first receive the earplugs, be sure to take a minute to follow this quick guide to check the earplugs for both comfort and sound quality. The custom earplugs have a 30 day manufacturer's warranty against defects, so don't delay. If anything is remiss, please contact me immediately so we can get the problem resolved.

Fit Check #1: Comfort

Many people find it awkward to put the earplugs in for the first time. The below video from Sensaphonics can help with the process.

Start by finding the left and right earplugs. The right is marked with a red dot, and the left with a blue dot. Holding the plug with your thumb and forefinger, you'll put the plug in your ear and twist it backwards (away from your nose). A gentile pull back on the ear can make it easier.

Some ears will need a lubricant to get the earplugs in the first few times. Oto-Ease is the stuff made specifically for this purpose, but any general-use water-based lubricant will work.

Once in your ears, they should feel snug, but without any pinches, pokes, or pain - even after 30+ minutes of wear time.

Fit Check #2: Sound Quality

Depending on the filter level you selected, your experience will be a little different. In an overly-simplified sense, the custom filtered plugs should sound like you have turned the volume down on the world without much change in timbre. If things are sounding excessively bass-heavy, the plugs may not be sealing in your ears sufficiently.

If there are any issues with either the comfort or the sound quality, contact me! I can solve most issues over the phone or via email.

Closing Thoughts: Nothing Short of Hyperbole

Should you desire an additional set of filters for replacement or backup, or need a different filter strength for your varied settings and needs, they are available for $60 per pair. Contact Earmark to discuss the options, details and ordering.

Remember, just like annual dental checks are recommended for anyone who relies on their teeth for munching, crunching, and smiling like a movie star, annual hearing testing is recommended for anyone who relies on their hearing for their livelihood and quality of life. You can contact Earmark to schedule your annual test today.

I sincerely wish you many long and successful years of music making with healthy ears to come!