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Earmark is Greater Philadelphia Area's only Audiology service dedicated solely to the needs of musicians. 

The highest quality, uncompromising custom In Ear Monitor (IEMs) systems and custom Musicians Earplugs (MEPs).

You care about your ears and your music, and so do we. Services begin with a thorough review of your situation and needs so all your concerns are meet.

Our clinicians are not only Doctors of Audiology, they are professional musicians themselves. We been in the studios and on the stages, and are ready to meet you where you are to deliver excellence.

Your Ears. Your Music.

Your Ears are your most valuable instrument.

Music is amazing.

With a voice, a few instruments, a little inspiration, and a lot of time, you can create beautiful, moving, calming, challenging, soulful sounds. You can communicate ideas and emotions, and even incite real-world change through these sounds. 

You do it everyday.

Hearing Conservation for musicians is about more than just healthcare, hearing protection, and occupational safety.  It is about reducing the barriers to great performance and increasing personal satisfaction and, ultimately, career longevity.

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